Tonight's meet vs. West Carrollton

    Hi everyone,

    Tonight's meet is at HOME vs. West Carrollton. Gator warm ups begin at 5:00 pm and the meet begins at 6:00.

    If your swimmer is signed up for the meet but is unable to come, call Coach Brian at 937-267-6005 ASAP.

    Volunteers are essential in making it possible for us to have swim meets. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into making the Gators meets happen! Here are a few reminders about volunteer shifts:

    • Before each meet, please check in with Samantha Mason so she can give you credit for working. Even if you are working the second half, the sooner you can check in, the better. Sam's home base is under a light green pop up tent.
    • Timers - the home team hosts "timer meetings" 15 minutes or so before the beginning of each meet. If you are scheduled to time for either half, please plan to attend the meeting to get important instructions on that night's meet. Tonight it will be held at the end of the pool building near the Clerk of Course area.
    • Second shift workers - please be in place by event 39 so you are ready to relieve the person ahead of you.
    • If you're unable to fulfill a shift for which you are scheduled, please send an email to germantowngators.web@gmail.com or a text to 937-657-9164 as soon as possible.
    • We are short four timers for the second half. If you are willing to help, please reply to this email or contact Emily at 937-657-9164.

    Heat sheets are attached.

    Tonight's volunteer shift schedule is attached to this email and is online here.

    Please call/text Emily Berry with any questions at 937-657-9164.

    Thanks and see you tonight!

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