Reminders for tomorrows Away Meet

    Hey Gator Families!

    Attached is the results of last nights meet. Great Job last night to all of our Gators!

     A couple of quick items for tomorrow meet.

    We still Have multiple volunteer positions that need to be filled. Not having each position filled puts us at risk of not having a meet. If you are able to volunteer, Please do so. For the first half, we need: 1 Scorer, 1 Stroke and turn judge and 1 timer. For the second half, we need: 2 Clerk of course, 1 Ribbons, 1 Scored and 3 timers. 

     Warm Ups begin at 5:30 PM, please make sure your swimmer is on deck and ready to swim for warm ups.

    Cassel Hills pool address is 1061 Taylorsville Road, Vandalia OH

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