Meet Information for Preble County 6/20/23

    Good morning, Gators!

    Our first home meet of the season is here! Bring your cap, goggles, and towel as it is sure to be a busy night!

    1. Stretching will begin at 4:45 P.M. Please arrive at the pool a few minutes early so your swimmer is ready to go. In water warm ups begin at 5:00 P.M.
    2. For home meets, our team will sit on the concession stand side of the pool area.
    3. Heat sheets are attached to this email. Remember "Athlete entries" is a way to see all events your swimmer is in so you know where to look on the heat sheets. All information is also located under the event on SwimTopia. If you want a paper copy, be sure to bring one as we are not selling heat sheets this year and many away teams may not sell them either. However, the SwimTopia app can be used to access event information and give live, up to the minute updates of events in the water and event results.
    4. Volunteer check-in: Pool Office with Amy
    • 1st half (events 1-40) volunteers- check-in by 5:30
    • 2nd half (events 41-80) volunteers- check-in by event 30 or sooner
    • Remember to check-in by the designated time as late check-ins may result in the team having to fill your shift
    • We are short one volunteer for tonight. If you have not been able to sign up for your 5 volunteer shifts for the season, please reach out and we will gladly help you pick up the 2nd half timing shift for tonight.
      • We may need to reassign a few volunteers from other roles to necessary openings (1 timer).
    • 5. Parking fills up quickly. Park in the front pool lot (the back lot is closed due to food trucks) or spots around Veteran’s Park, or at the First Baptist Church on the hill.

      6. Tonight’s Food Truck Lineup- Little BoiJon Asian Cuisine, Chick’ncone, Tikiz Shaved Ice. We will also have a drinks (water and Gatorade) concession.

      7. Assisted swimmers will swim first.

      8. Use our swim meet 101 help sheet (sent with time trials information) to make sure you are all set for tonight. Bring blankets, tents, etc. to help make your camp cozy and be prepared to dress warm as tonight may get chilly :-)

    I have also sent a separate message to swimmers not yet declared for Thursday’s away meet at Vandalia, entries close at NOON tomorrow. Don’t forget to mark attending or not attending.

    If anything changes and your swimmer can no longer attend the meet, please email Coach Amanda at [email protected] ASAP. See you poolside at 4:45 P.M.!

    Go Gators!

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